Design Process

1. Compilation of a comprehensive design brief following discussion of each client’s requirements at length to ensure their demands are met.

2. Develop schemes for the project, then assemble sample boards showing recommendations for finishes for wall and floor finishes, examples of suitable furniture and lighting, and fabric samples for curtaining and upholstery. This ensures that the client can visualise what is being proposed. Scale plans are also produced to explain the layout of the property and how it will function.

3. When the client is fully happy with what is being proposed, installation can begin. Any working drawings and design specifications can be drawn up for contractors to work from. All furnishings are then specified, ordered and delivered into a storage facility. When the property is ready to be installed, our dedicated installation team deliver everything to site, install all the furniture, soft furnishings and artwork and remove all the packaging. This ensures that the property is installed quickly and efficiently and to the best possible standard.